The Forests and Water group investigates forest hydrology under the iFER theme Landscape Water. Research in the forests and water area encompasses five themes:

  • Forest water use and streamflow dynamics
  • Ecohydrology
  • Post-fire hydrology in a changing environment
  • Geomorphic processes in forest environments
  • Forest disturance, erosion process and water quality
  • Risk and resilience

The research program is aimed at answering some of the key questions concerning the hydrologic and geomorphic response of native and planted forests to growth, and disturbance by fire and climate drivers. Research approaches combine field measurement and modelling and seek to understand fundamental hydrologic functioning, responses and resilience to external environmental drivers, and risks to water supplies.

Our science assists land managers to better understand xxx, and how improved xx management can improve the resilience of these systems in the face of global change.

Our current major research projects investigate ????

Please visit <our website> for more information about our work and our team.

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