Welcome to iFER

The integrated Forest Ecosystem Research program is a research initiative between the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) which aims to enhance the evidence base for managing the impacts of fire, climate and management regimes on multiple forest values in Victoria’s forest ecosystems now and into the future.

Forest ecosystems in Victoria are highly diverse and have important values with regard to carbon storage, ensuring water security, maintaining biodiversity and habitat, and socio-economic uses. The integrated Forest Ecosystem Research program aims to define these values, to develop ways to quantify and measure them in detail, and to investigate interactions between those values. In these efforts, impacts of land management practices such as planned burning and external factors, for example climate variability and extreme weather events on these forest values and their interactions, are of particular interest.

The program investigates forest ecosystems in Victoria in six main themes:

  1. Landscape Fire Behaviour
  2. Landscape Carbon
  3. Landscape Biodiversity
  4. Landscape Water
  5. Landscape Vulnerability
  6. Landscape Social and Economic values